I feel like this starts out like a children's fairy tale. A long time ago I visited a lapidary store where I met an elderly gentleman who co-owned the store with his daughter. One thing led to another and I found myself absorbing every piece of information and knowledge he imparted.

This knowledgeable man was responsible for my love affair with stones and wire to this day. He taught me about wire and how you can manipulate it so that it literally bends to your will.

Somehow, I put aside my love of wire and stones as "life happened". And then in 2017, I was diagnosed with cancer and went through surgery and several months of feeling and looking like nothing but skin and bones. I realized that the Universe was not ready for me to leave, but instead, to rediscover what brings me joy and passion. That is my love of wire and stones.

I truly hope you enjoy looking through my shop.

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